14 04, 2021

YMCA Green Club

April 14th, 2021|Categories: Events, Press release, Projects|

On the 10th of April YMCA’s international volunteers went with the forrest district of Firiza and Rotary Baia Mare to plant trees and bring back to life an area in which the trees had been cut before. This action took place to raise awareness on the importance of forests and what it takes to keep [...]

14 04, 2021

The March vlog for “Building Stronger Communities” is out!

April 14th, 2021|Categories: Events, Press release, Projects|

As the "Building Stronger Communities" project continues, the vlogs keep coming out for each month. This time, the video took a different approach. It doesn't have footage of the people in the project or of anything with three dimensions. It's based on images and sound. As the volunteers are around halfway through this project, it [...]

3 04, 2021

170 de tineri din Baia Mare și Somcuta Mare implicați în Programul YMCA Green Club

April 3rd, 2021|Categories: Events, Press release, Projects|

Federația YMCA România a demarat programul YMCA Green Club care are ca scop creșterea gradului de conștientizare cu privire la reciclare și consum adecvat, încurajând factorii de decizie să adapteze politicile de reciclare urmare unei recomandări create după consultările cu tinerii din Baia Mare și Șomcuta Mare. Programul YMCA Green Club face parte din proiectul [...]

29 03, 2021

Cleaning Firiza – it’s the Green Club!

March 29th, 2021|Categories: Events, Press release, Projects|

Last Friday (the 26th of March) international and local volunteers from Baia Mare got together to clean Lake Firiza. This was the first of the many cleaning actions that will follow in the YMCA's Green Club. It's very important to protect these green spaces that are so precious for the community, as well as the [...]

25 03, 2021

Mandalas in Firiza

March 25th, 2021|Categories: Events, Press release, Projects|

This Tuesday our international volunteers were in Firiza in Asociația Mansio to teach something new to the kids of the community. They brought materials such as wood sticks and wool and teached the kids some new skills. Making mandalas with these materials is not only about learning a new craft, you are also improving you [...]

17 03, 2021

“Building Stronger Communities” February Vlog is Out!

March 17th, 2021|Categories: Events, Press release, Projects|

Our international volunteers from the "Building Stronger Communities" project have shared with us their experience volunteering in YMCA Romania once again, as they do every month. This video shows us very shortly the type of things that have happened in February in the life of the volunteers: traveling, participating in activities with the community, doing [...]

16 03, 2021

First Month of Bianca’s ESC Project in Nederland – Ice Cream in February

March 16th, 2021|Categories: Events, Press release, Projects|

Bianca was sent by YMCA Romania to collaborate with Old Vechte Foundation on an ESC Project (The Extra Miles) in Ommen, in the Netherlands. She will be there for one year, and we were very curious to know how her experience has been so far, so we asked her to send us a small testimonial [...]

22 02, 2021

YMCA Work with Refugees and Migrants Conference

February 22nd, 2021|Categories: Events, Press release, Projects|

On the 19th of February we all watched the "YMCA Work with Refugees and Migrants" online conference. It was a very informative experience for all of us, given the high level of speakers there. We truly appreciated to have such a deep insight on different perspectives, because the speakers came from different backgrounds, such as [...]

22 02, 2021

Teaching Sustainable Lifestyle in Cavnic

February 22nd, 2021|Categories: Events, Press release, Projects|

During the last two weeks the international volunteers have been doing workshops with Colegiul Economic Pintea Viteazul in Cavnic about sustainable lifestyle. We started with questions to the kids about this type of lifestyle and discovered that when it comes to food, the kids know some good sustainable practices. Since they live in Cavnic, a [...]

29 01, 2021

JOIN OUR TEAM: CALL for European Union countries VOLUNTEERS for “Building Stronger Communities” project in Baia Mare, Romania

January 29th, 2021|Categories: Events, Press release, Projects|

Updated edit: 29.01.2021 -We are looking for 2 volunteers from any EU country to complete the team of this project. ( citizens or residents) Activity dates: service between 1.03.2021-31.08.2021 with the possibility to extend 1 month ( 31.09.2021) Deadline to apply: 14.02.2021 Other info,  CV and motivation letter to be sent to office@ymca.ro till 14.02.2021. [...]