TEN SING is a youth work method in YMCA.

In the Romanian movement it organizes groups of young people from 14 years and up, ranging in size from a handful to several tens of members. Membership is open to all and does not require any type of talent, skill or training.

TEN SING is based on the core goals and values of YMCA with an emphasis on the following:

Performimg arts – A TEN SING group is primarily a choir. However the group also work with other types of performances such as dance and drama. Our group  have a band, set up with typical rock music instruments. In addition, our  group engage in activities related to performing art  systems, stage lighting, multimedia  presentations, creative workshop, social  and community events

Youth empowerment – A primary goal of TEN SING is to empower young people by giving them responsibility, developing their skills and strengthening their  social networks. The groups are run and governed democratically  by the members, with adults standing by as necessary.

Diversity – Having a heterogeneous  membership base with a multiplicity of backgrounds, skills and outlooks is seen as an important asset that solidifies the group and makes it more creative.

Open-mindedness – young people with different faiths  or lack of such are welcome to join the groups. Their beliefs will be respected and they will be invited to share their views.