The annual General YMCA Assembly (21-23 of January) took place in Constanta this year. The participants spent time hardworking, sharing the results of different activities which were hold during 2011. The rest of the time was dedicated to elaboration of schedule further actions and arrangements through 2012 year.

The main difference between previous and this year’s Assembly was contained in project “Shine 4YOU(TH)” under YMCA Federatia Romania auspices. Actually, EVS volunteers were involved in the meeting. This project unites 4 young people from four different countries: Jesus (Spain), Olga (Ukraine), Martina (Austria) and Dilara (Turkey). These volunteers came in Constanta with a purpose to tell about their activities, workshops and to show the possibility how such different people with different cultural background are available to work as a single team. The results of the team work are: poster of the project and a video about the project “Shine 4 YOU(TH)”.

We were very curious about the volunteers’ points of view and we decided to take a short interview with each of them.

“-   So,  Jesus, what do you think about your participation in General Assembly of YMCA?

I think that I didn´t participate there so much, I did my job before the General Assembly of YMCA, with the promotional video about our project. We work hard in this task and after when we showed to the people the result was that all the people enjoyed, is a good conclusion. Also I enjoyed when we did tourism by the city, I think it is important to see the place where you are at least a little or the most important. I learned and tasted new feelings. And I participated with the small concert with Martina and Alina after the last meeting.

–    Martina, why did you decide to make a video in such non-standard way?

We thought a lot about how we should introduce ourselves, but in our opinion if we could make it not in a “normal” way it would get boring. So… step by step (and with a lot of ideas) we came to the result how you can see it now in the video. When we finally had this idea we were really motivated and it was a lot of fun, because all the time new ideas were “born” and when we finished, we were really satisfied with it. The song we made like this, because we wanted a big difference to the beginning and also to see us in “real life”. We just enjoyed making this movie!

–  Dilara, make a summary about what you’ve done in Constanta and what you think should be improved?

I’ve been in traditional restatrant that has beautiful music in Constanta. Also I had an opportunity to meet people from YMCA and to see “Casino”, seashore of Black Sea, to visit “Art Museum”. I tasted different foods and drinks. And I’ve been in Turkish Restarant. To eat food from your country and to share your culture with your friends was unforgeeble thing for me. I’ve also been at aikido workshop, watching the sportsmen was a different taste for me.

–   Olga, say few words about new ideas or further activities?

I think it was priceless experience and we acquired a lot. The main thing that I want to say that it was just the beginning and we’re full of energy to continue our activities. I want to mention that after 3 months we in charge with appropriate amount of obligations and we have an independency to create new. I think currently we should be focused to consolidate a success which means hard work with an aim to cultivate trust. Trust among Romanian volunteers and all people interested in our project. Keep in touch and see all the new information about new workshops and changes on the YMCA web-site and on Facebook “YMCA Activity Group” “.