“ train for success!”

The annual YMCA Induction Training (24 of March 2012) took place in Baia-Mare…

This one-day course was designed for young Romanians and EVS volunteers from 6 countries to acquire the skills to ensure individuals, the work-group, creativity, spontaneity and intercultural tolerance.

YMCA Induction Training helped to enhance participants’ capacity to lead, enhance their self-awareness, expand their perspectives and created personal growth. All the participants were virtually influenced and learnt to engage trust, authenticity, and agility to improve decision-making and sustain progress. 26 Romanian volunteers and EVS volunteers (Ukraine, Spain, Austria, Latvia and Turkey) left the training with a measurable improvement in their behavior  and performance.

Facilitators: Roxana Pascan (CEO YMCA Baia-Mare) And Alina Pop (CEO YMCA Romania)