Between 16-27 April 2015 YMCA Romania Federation will organize in Baia Mare  a   training course dedicated to 30 youth workers, leaders  in  partners from all over Europe: YMCA Georgia, YMCA Armenia, YMCA Brest -Belarus, Guvernul Tinerilor -Moldova,  YMCA Setubal -Portugal, YMCA Spain, YMCA Czech Republic, YMCA Germany, YMCA Poland, YMCA Latvia, YMCA Nederland  and Centar za foto talente-Serbia.
This project is funded by European Union through Erasmus Plus Program.
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Through this international training the participants will learn coaching techniques, communication styles,  emotional intelligence skills, learn and share examples of good coaching practice.

As youth organization focused on holistic approach in empowering young people, we recognize the importance of youth work in society.

This international training introduce a new working method – Coaching – which organizations can perfectly adjust and use in their own programs. Coaching is a new approach to non-formal learning, which offers high-quality information content, instructions for applying the information and personal guidance in reaching the pursued goal. The aim of this project is to train youth workers in using coaching as an intervention, education and development tool, in their daily work. As coaching is becoming a more and more popular and validated approach, we consider that understanding and mastering the correct, healthy and productive structure, concepts and tools of it is imperative. Coaching techniques are flexible and can serve various types of needs, thus they suit perfectly the diversity of problems our network of partners deals with: youth unemployment, ethnic minority groups- especially roma communities, poor neighbourhoods, socially unadapted youth, youth coming from less opportunities areas. Coaching, is the perfect training alternative which equips learners with skills and tools they can fit to specific contexts. For example, developing emotional intelligence components, such as empathy, can be productive and can help break barriers both with youth with socio-economical difficulties and with youth dealing with gender issues or other type of challenges.


– to improve the skills and key competences of young people, including those with less opportunities , intercultural dialogue, social inclusion through learning mobility of those actively involved in youth work and youth organizations through strengthened links between youth field and labor market;

– to foster quality improvements in youth work through enhanced cooperation between youth organization and other stakeholders

– to enhance the international dimension of youth activities and the role of youth workers and organizations as support structures in complementarity with EU`s external action, in particular through the promotion of mobility and cooperation between organizations from Program countries and Partner countries and international organizations and through targeted capacity building in Partner countries.

– promoting young people`s social inclusion and well being, notably through project tackling the issue of youth unemployment

Profile of participants: youth workers, leaders active working closely with youth, youth with less opportunities

The program is designed in two parts: (1) theoretical sessions which aim at establishing conceptual frameworks, offer new working models and styles, teach the use of new tools and techniques; (2) practice sessions using non-formal education tools which combine exercises, role-plays, simulations, intercultural learning and outdoor activities.

Methods used: coaching, experiential learning, playing to learn&learning to play, simulations, role plays, action planning, media workshop, energizers, lectures and debates, indoor and outdoor team-buildings, workshops, debriefs, reflective sharing, post–training support.

Our approach is that great coaches and performers become proficient and create results through awareness and practice. We strongly believe that one without the other is insufficient. This is why, in this training, we will combine everything that comes from the awareness level with direct actions that stimulate constant practice. Our approach is a ‘holistic’ one: we explore the human being from a perspective of a ‘whole’, serving in this way the YMCA mission empowering young people in body, mind, spirit.

We expect to impact first the quality of the work done by the participants in this training. This quality also reflects in the development of programs and services for youth provided by all partner organizations, which lead to capacity building and movement strengthening. 

The impact on European level is determined by the variety of partners who will contribute in bringing beside knowledge and skills, the culture and the awareness of building the future and better Europe for youth. As youth workers we have the mission of serving the best we can the young people , we need to know specific situations  in each community  and embrace learning from each other in order to correct mistakes and take good practices as models. By supporting dialogue and intercultural encounters we create a consortium working in togetherness and for common aims: empowering young people .

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