Empowering Summer Camp Youth Leaders was a short training course, hosted by YMCA Nederland, to strengthen the YMCA summer camp work in Europe. The training course took place from 13 – 17 of May, and was located on one of the national camp sites of YMCA Nederland in Leusden, in the middle of The Netherlands.The training aimed to strengthen the YMCA summer camp work in Europe, by sharing knowledge with each other, learning new ideas, methods and games from each other and to start the process of creating ‘YMCA standard’ for European summer camps from the YMCA. Making a standard means that we start making a rough guideline for organizing summer camps, to make sure that the quality that fits within the YMCA, and what we need to reach that quality.
Some of the countries involved in this project have been organizing summer camps for quite a long time, and there are also countries who have just (re)started with summer camping with their organization. There were camp directors, camp counselors, volunteers from The Netherlands,Denmark , Portugal, Romania ,Lithuania Moldova.
“This training that took place in YMCA camp Netherlands helped me improve my current skills as well as gain new ones regarding youth work and leadership. It was a great experience, i meet interesting people that made see different situations from new angles.( Chrissy Doris- volunteer YMCA Romania, Baia Mare/Zwolle)

“This training was, for me, a great experience. I’ve meet new people, from different countries, and this in some how opened my mind and make think more global. It was an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to develop in the way I want. I had the chance to choose my workshops, based on my interests, and this is the right way to learn, and most of all, learn how to learn” ( Madalina Scarlat – volunteer Student Plus Timisoara/YMCA Romania)

“For me the training in Leusden was a wonderfull experience.I met new people, I got the opportunity to know more about YMCA, structure, summer camps and other
interesting informations.I met wonderfull people from different countries sharing knowledge with them about many different aspects of life.We also socialised
a lot playing different games that can be very helpful for any team building in my opinion : comando pinkelen, Weerwolven van Wekkerdam, and many more.As a conclusion I must say it is a nice experience from which I can learn and develop more” (Mircea Batea – volunteer YMCA Romania)

“I’ve learned so much in this training, I’m really glad i’ve been there. Now i understand lots of important things about life and i can take measures in difficult situations. I’ve met wonderful people and all of this opened my mind in helping others, organize myself and taking initiative” ( Alex Tamasan Cimpoies- YMCA Romania volunteer)

“This training has been an experience that drastically increased my knowledge in its main theme – organizing summer camps. Also, this training
has acquaintanced me with YMCAs from various countries, their members and experience in the field. I’m confident that this gathering, combined with the provided information can lead to further international collaborations between the YMCAs and future projects” ( Pety Buju- YMCA Romania volunteer)