We release a very useful dissemination tool of the project ZOOM outdoor for healthy lives: a multimedia book as a resource for camp organizers, camp instructors, camp instructors, teambuilding facilitators for youth and adults.The ebook is containing materials regarding outdoor, teambuilding and media approaches used, as well as products created by participants during the training course: teambuilding tutorials, advertising videos for the hosting village-Borzont, posters and invitation for the public event (intercultural event),tips for facilitators, interation with local community, other media products created during the ZOOM outdoor for healthy lives project funded by European Union through Erasmus Plus Program.
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ZOOM Outdoor for Healthy Lives was a 10 day training course designed to train 24 young leaders from 6 European countries, into creating and managing camp programs for youngsters. The main activities took place between the 12th-23rd of June 2015 in Romania, near the city Gheorgheni, in the rural area Borzont.

The project met the objectives of Erasmus Plus Program :
– improvement of skills and key competences of young people, including those with less opportunities , intercultural dialogue, social inclusion through learning mobility of those actively involved in youth work and youth organizations through strengthened links between youth field and labour market;
– fostering quality improvements in youth work through enhanced cooperation between youth organization and other stakeholders
– enhancing the international dimension of youth activities and the role of youth workers and organizations as support structures in complementarity with EU`s external action, in particular through the promotion of mobility and cooperation between organizations from Programme countries and Partner countries and international organizations and through targeted capacity building in Partner countries.
Program Priorities set:
– promoting young people`s social inclusion and well being
– promoting healthy behaviours, through the promotion of outdoor activities and healthy lifestyles to foster social inclusion and active participation of young people
– developing basic and transversal skills, such as entrepreneurship , digital skills and multilingualism in the field of youth using innovative and learner centred approaches
– enhancing ITC uptake in youth work and non formal learning

Many thanks to all the wonderful, enthusiastic and committed participants and partners: Mladinska Asocijacija IMKA Bitola- Macedonia, YMCA na Slovensku- Slovakia, Centrul pentru Cooperarea Tinerilor- Moldova, Jeugd en Maatschappij – Netherlands, Ognisko Zwiazku Mlodziezy Chrzescijanskiej Polska YMCA w Kurnedzu – Poland.