Starting with 2016 YMCA Romania federation has a new partner to run European Voluntary Service projects and why not, also other types of mobilities for young people and youth workers.

In September, a Romanian young man, Marius Dospina arrived in Szczecin, Poland at POLITES organization to do his long term service, mainly focused on kindergarten activities.

Sending organization: YMCA Romania
Host organization: Stowarzyszenie Polite
EVS service and project title: PowerONEvs , September 2016 – July 2017
Volunteer position: Kindergarten Assistant
“A new chapter in my life began in September 2016 and after just two months
spent in Szczecin, Poland, I can say that I feel already at home. The people from the host organization Polites are amazing, serious when necessary but often they are open to any activities (games, movies, workshops) that we, the volunteers, suggest. The coordinators are the people with the planning, especially about the games, and I found it incredibly to see that adults know so many games but mostly they wanted to be part of these activities and even enjoy it as children, without an inhibition. For me it is a real pleasure to go back in the offices of Polites, always they have candies and cookies on the table! Work begun in kindergarten and I thought that now the fun is over! Not at all, the fun goes on, the ladies in kindergarten are very open and have a big heart, we are communicating very well – not in English or Polish, but in French, Italian or Spanish, using body language or thanks to Google translate. The children are full of energy, they talk a lot and calling me all day ” Wujek” (uncle). On the first days they supposed that I am Polish as well, but slowly, after I kept telling them ” ne wiem, ne wiem “(I do not know), they got the fact that i am not Polish, that I am foreigner. I am looking forward for the next months to be as interesting as so far!”
“Even a poor glass wandering in swirling waters can get into a paradise ”

Marius Dospina – EVS Volunteer



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