Since 2006 YMCA Romania Federation has a long and relevant partnership with Olde Vechte Foundation in Ommen, cooperating in youth exchanges, trainings, European Voluntary Service projects.
Since September 2016 we have there 3 Romanian volunteers who are engaged for a long term service with activities in the host organization.
Check out their adventures in the EVS projects @ Olde Vechte Foundation:
1.Sending organization: YMCA Romania – Baia Mare, Romania
 Host Organization: Olde Vechte Foundation -Ommen, Netherlands
 EVS service and project title: The Extra Mile, September 2016 – August 2017
” I am an EVS volunteer at Olde Vechte Foundation and I will be co-trainer in programs such as Eventwise, Practicing Coaching and Mentoring or Choice and help with the practical part of programs such as Maths`n’Moves, or Correlations II. I am volunteering also at the organization specialized in outdoor activities Buitendoor, where I participated in the programs/camps several times.
Activities so far: from 31st October we had the on-arrival training that took place in Arnhem, then I will participate in a 28th Eventwise training. In early October I attended the 18th training on Coaching and Mentoring practicing, which was a special experience that helped me a lot to observe and discover the coach and trainer in me.
Accommodating in the community: we live in a park houses called Calluna and all volunteers work together and help each other: celebrate birthdays, prepare dinner, stay available to everyone who needs a helping hand or a kind word even use coaching techniques for optimal mapping personal problems.
About my experience so far: It is interesting and enigmatic both the place and organization: you can be very lonely and left alone if you need peace for healing and can be very “noisy”, full of color and joy, good people and cheerfulness. Can be even challenging to our egos or our comfort, which would have been better to leave it home. I recommend both the organization and the place for all of you who would like to discover yourself in Netherlands.”– Szilard Marton – EVS Volunteer
2.Sending organization: YMCA Romania- Baia Mare, Romania
Host organization: Olde Vechte Foundation – Ommen, Netherlands
EVS service and project title: The Extra Mile, 1 September 2016 – 31 August 2017
“Olde Vechte Foundation seems like a fabulous island inhabited by exceptional people who are also full of questions, uncertainty and for this very reason they came to Ommen: for something to happen in their lives that will help them to find their “road”, their “way”. Everyone is enthusiastic and willing to help either for cleaning the house, preparing meals or programs,being ready and open to any positive change”.- Krisztina Erdelyi – EVS Volunteer

3.Sending organization: YMCA Romania- Baia Mare, Romania
Host organization: Olde Vechte Foundation – Ommen, Netherlands
EVS service and project title: YES EVS, September 2016 – August 2017
” I am a volunteer at Olde Vechte Foundation being part of the team responsible for promoting online the trainings and events taking place in Olde Vechte. I am managing the organization’s website, modifying or editing whenever necessary data and information on the organization’s website. I work with the other volunteers in the production of 28th Event Wise training.
Activities so far: From 31st October i was at On-arrival training in Arnhem, and after, together with other volunteers, will participate in the 28th training Event Wise. In early October I was part of the cooking team for the 18th Coaching and Mentoring practicing training, which made me want to be the main cook.
Accommodating in the community: we live in a camp called Calluna where we all work together and help each other, for example we celebrate birthdays, prepare dinner together. We’re together when we need help or advice, a kind word, so we can put into practice what we learn during trainings and beyond.
About my experience so far: It is the beginning of a special experience, it is an interesting place and healer for my emotional states that I went through and I’ll pass. I had heard many good things about Olde Vechte before I got here, things that come true every day. I find it interesting that you can have some peace when you want to be left alone, yet full of life and color when you are surrounded by good vibes and beautiful people.It can be challenging for our selfish being longing for comfort, but is an ideal place to discover yourself and what surrounds you. I highly recommend both the place, organization, and people, they are the ones that create the atmosphere and make possible a unique experience and self-disclosure.”- Luana Poenar – EVS Volunteer