The project “Help and Serve in Comumunity“ is focused on inclusion, intercultural and intergeneration learning and work with youth through non formal learning and activities in local comnunity of Nesvady. It focuses on meaningful spending of leisure time of children and youth too. The project supports the development of prosocial activities in village Nesvady and its surrounding. It gives chance to local disadvantaged community in Nesvady to improve their life quality and social inclusion.

All activities of the project are planned 2 volunteers (1 PL, 1 RO)

Project takes places in Nesvady village in NGO YMCA Nesvady, Slovakia. Volunteers will spend here 12 months during their EVS (July 2016 – june 2017). They will work in the team of experienced youth workers and local volunteers, and also individually on their own projects. They will have the possibility to work in various areas.

Their main service description would be implementation of new activities in community centre for children and young people from local community who are on the edge of integration due to various circumstances (social, health, economic…). There will be new widen activities for new focus groups – older people from Elders house, for mothers with children and children from economicaly deprived families. They will help to run street work and help tutoring Roma kids in afterschool club. Volunteers will also start completely new activities: workshops and free time clubs in primary school depending on their talent and initiative (sports, handy crafts, language club, presentations, discussions…). They will also take part in clubs which we already run (open space club for small kids and teenagers), they will take part in summer and winter camps as leaders. All activities of the project support intercultural dialogue and inclusion. Part of the work will take place in new YMCA Community centre, Primary school and in YMCA office – they will be responsible for PR and making posters and brochures. Volunteers will visit language and digital competences course and they will have possibility to attend trainings about youth work.

Volunteers will have many possibilities to get know the children and young people through regular activities but also during special events (camps, trainings, one day events, meetings). During their free time they can make new friendships with local YMCA volunteers (around 30 young people) and other inhabitants – watching movies, doing sports together, visiting, sharing… They will be challenged to realize in practice how unity in diversity enriches the life!

Send CV and motivational letter ASAP to: or to Betka Maglodska, coordinator of YMCA Nesvady:, skype: betkaymca +421 905 490 632