Between 21-28 August 2016, at Waginger See in Germany, YMCA Bavaria organizes (M)Y-Camp „Bonds of Peace“ with participants from Europe, Chile, USA, Hong Kong, China.
-Meet new young people and take the opportunity to become friends!
-Be active together and get to know each other!
-Explore the different cultures of the participants!
-Make new friends with young refugees from Middle East!
-Have fun while exploring different activities:swimming, surfing, sailing, paddling, mountain tours,sightseeing in Salzburg or Berchtesgaden,devotional time with creative workshops,campfire in the evening.

Accommodation:in tents
Participants: young adults from 16 to 26 years from different countries

Maximum costs for Romanian participants: 100 EUR.All the other costs are covered by YMCA Bavaria, as organizer.

Interested to be part of a lifetime experience?

Contact YMCA Romania officers at or your local YMCA Romania Federation local member associations leaders in Baia Mare, Cavnic, Oradea, Timisoara, Bucharest, Constanta.

Camp presentation: Präsentation-MY-Camp_english

Application form:Y-Camp_group registration form