“Wider Horizon” is a short term EVS project of Olde Vechte that will take place in Ommen, The Netherlands.As a volunteer you have the opportunity to get to know new culture and gain new knowledge and experience through practical work in and around Ommen. You will live together with 14 other people for two months.
You will be hosted by Olde Vechte Foundation and will have the chance to have a joyful, useful and unique experience, which you can take home and use to create new opportunities in your personal and professional life.

The short term EVS consists 2 arrival dates. You can participate on one of them.
Wider Horizon I – 1st March – 1st May 2017 (2 months) – 15 volunteers
Wider Horizon II – 3rd May – 3rd July 2017 (2 months) – 15 volunteers

Activities in the project
The working week goes from Monday until Friday, with a total of 36 hours. You can reach your working place by bicycle that is provided by Olde Vechte.
You will have the chance to work in one or two working places where you will do practical jobs. It will be defined in advance where you go. It could be horse farm, pet shelter, wineyard, camping site, group accommodation, farms.
Volunteering is actively part of the Dutch culture – they handle volunteers as colleagues of the place. They show you what to do and handle you with respect and they expect you to be in time and do what you take as a
volunteer task. This is a great opportunity to gain working experience and get to know different cultures through working.

Countries participating
Croatia, France, Czeck Republic, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Poland.

Free time

You can spend your free time in many different ways: visiting cities,sitting around with new international friends, biking,joining Karaokeevenings,singing songs around a camp fire, movie nights, dancing, etc.

Accommodation and food
During the two months you will be hosted in bungalows of 4-6 people at a holiday resort in Ommen. The place is aprox.10 minutes by bike from Olde Vechte and 15 minutes by bike from the centre of Ommen. In all bungalows there is kitchen, shower and toilette. You will share a room with someone.
You can see an example for a house here: http://www.besthmenerberg.nl/basisbungalow-4-personen#fotos
(Your house may differ from that one but very similar.)
There will be washing machine available as well as wifi at the resort.
As for the food: you have kitchen in your house. Along with your pocket money you get money for food as well and you can arrange your own meals as you wish.

Pocket money and travelling costs
As a volunteer of this project you will receive pocket money in the amount of 220€ for two months, divided in weekly parts, given in cash per week. You will also get money for food in cash.
Your traveling costs will be covered according to Erasmus+ regulations: up to 275 Euros

A mentor is a person, who can guide you in order to set and reach goals and find your own way to solve things. During the project there will be international mentors (males and females), who have experience on coaching and mentoring young people. They also have personal experiences with volunteering and international projects and will be there to support you during these 8 weeks.

By the end of the project you fill in the YouthPass, which can be very useful tool for your resume or if you want to apply for a university. For more information go to: http://www.youthpass.eu/en/youthpass

About Ommen
A quiet, green, lovable, famers’ town with lots of tourists during the Dutch “summer”. It has many of the countries’ most beautiful bike routes. You can read more about Ommen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ommen

About The Netherlands
Currency: Euro
Capital: Amsterdam
Population: 16.500.000
National Language: Dutch
If you want to find out more about Dutch culture check this page: http://www.stuffdutchpeoplelike.com
As for the weather: Dutch summer can be tricky. There might be some very warm days (30 Celsius) or it can be an avarage Dutch summer day around 18 Celsius. One thing for sure: you have to be ready for heavy rain all the time.

What to bring with you
• Clothes for indoor and outdoor activities, shoes suitable for sport activities;
• Working clothes and shoes, comfortable for a work day and that you aren’t afraid to get dirty;
• Rain coat;
• Warm clothes: jacket, long pants, sweater etc.;
• Swimming suites;
• Towels and personal care products: shampoo, tooth paste etc.;
• Your own medicines;
• Passport or other ID.

How to apply
This project is for young people who face with different obstacles and who do not have the opportunities usually join Erasmus+ projects.

If you want to be an EVSer and you fit the criteria contact the sending organization – YMCA Romania- who can give you more information about criteria.

Once you get selected, you will get a confirmation letter with more details.

Infoletter of the project:Wider_Horizon_volunteer_info (2)
Application form:Wider-Horizon-application-form-participants

Fill in your application form till December 31st 2016 and send it to office@ymca.ro






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