We are happy to announce that the registrations for the third cohort of YMCA Change Agents for 2017-2018 are open.

The YMCA Change Agent Program is an international leadership development programme to empower YMCA young leaders and grow the ability of the movement, with special emphasis on local associations. The aim of the programme is to positively impact the lives of young people in the world and is an investment in our organisation’s unity and sustainability.
The programme is coordinated by the World YMCA in partnership with YMCA Area organisations and National Movements and will engage up to 400 young leaders in the next cohort (2017-2018) in training opportunities (on line and face-
to-face), local project development, mentorship/coaching and an opportunity to have valuable input and leadership roles at the YMCA’s 2018 World Council.

The YMCA is becoming famous for our Change Agent programme. Recently we were reminded how our founder, George Williams, was the very first YMCA Change Agent by starting this movement at the age of 22.

The more we focus on young people the better the future we will have.

All YMCA young people are invited to apply and all YMCAs are invited to send applications.

This cohort will cover 2017-2018 and includes regional training, a global training event and the 19th World Council in Chiang Mai, Thailand in July 2018.

Check out the promotional video for the Change Agent Program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVFqA2vqDvk#action=share

All the supporting documentation, information and materials needed for application are available here
(brochure, role, curriculum&programme outcomes, framework, memorandum)






Deadline for National recruitment 31.01.2017
Application here:http://goo.gl/1j43Dr

Member organizations and young people are welcome to apply only if they meet the requirements and have the endorsement of the YMCA Romania local member organization.