And now we are the fantastic six! After a tough weekend filled with apflelstrudel, a couple of beers, vibrant night life and new international friends, we headed into a new week.

We are only at the beginning of this week, but we are starting to feel how great it is to work together with kids. It is an unique experience to feel how much can you learn by teaching!

The more we work with children and teenagers, the more we grow motivated and confident.

Our first experience was last Friday in the Penticostal school in Baia Mare. We did not have any idea of how education works at Penticostal schools, and were thrilled to discover that our educational work was such a success.  We all agree that it was the best ice- breaker we could have had, and a great start of our time together in Baia Mare. This was mainly because it was the first activity that required all of us to be working hand by hand. Furthermore, it was a great experience in order to grow, both as a working team and as individuals.


This week, we started our activities with a focus on Human Rights. We made a planning of what kind of activities would suit the kids best. After a few hours of discussion we concluded that a  dynamic quiz would enable us to approach the kids without taking the risk of bothering them, or give them a sense of boredom. Yesterday’s activity was our first attempt, and made us realise that this approach was a very good decision to make.

Tomorrow morning, we will work together in the Hungarian school, located in the old centre of Baia Mare. We will do the same activities related to Human Rights as we have been doing since Friday. Everyday we are learning more about putting our lessons to practice and we are assured that we will end up this week as experts on Human Rights!


In the afternoon, we will visit for first time the guys and girls from the local foster homes. We had a meeting last week with one of the home’s tutors, she said great things about the kids and teenagers we are going to meet tomorrow. Can’t wait till then!


So, what did we learn about the last days? We can summarize our learnings in two parts. Professionally talking, we learned how to organize our activities, planning all the activities is the way to success!. In the personal field, we learned how much can we learn about kids, some of their unexpected answers are memorable, and will be carried with us to the future. This way, our learnings are bound to leave a lasting mark in our future activities.