Fundatia ADV (Alaturi de Voi) invites 3 youth workers from YMCA Romania to attend a 5-day training course, in the period 12-18th of June, 2017, near Bucharest.
There are 9 partners in this project from Romania, UK, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal and Macedonia.
The project is funded by European Commission through Erasmus Plus Programme.

The aim of the training is to improve the capacity of participants for:
• developing competences to create, develop and improve their NGO’s organizational development strategies (DOS) through participatory approaches;
• improve competences to implement the action plan of the DOS (the resources involved and specific steps you need to do in order to achieve the strategic development objectives formulated in DOS);
• increased commitment and involvement in the development of the organizations, beyond the activities that they are in charge of;
• creating awareness among partner NGOs and other local NGOs concerning the importance of strategic planning and the positive impact generated by it of done through participatory approaches.

And, because what you have learned will be tested in practice, here are the steps following the training:

Phase 2: each partner NGO, in approx. 3 months, through its participants previously trained, is developing/finalizing their DOS according to the new acquired information/abilities/attitudes on the topic of strategic development. After that, in the next month they have to implement at least one activity described in the action plan attached to the DOS. Each partner NGO has to inform other local NGOs about the project and its phases, about how they developed their own DOS and share all the electronic resources/materials they will receive from the trainers and other project partners after phase 1. In this period the two trainers will act as mentors for helping the participating organizations to implement the chosen activity (start the planning process, technical assistance on the way and give feedback and revise when necessary).

Phase 3: organizing a one day on-line seminar (webinar), with the participants that participated in phase 1 and other members of their organization in order exchange good practices and lessons learnt during phase 2 with the purpose of improving their DOS, if case, or to act as mentors for the NGOs that still need guidance and support in their process of strategic development.

Participants’ profile
The participants should be part of the management team and/or executive team and also at least one youth worker from the operational team who works directly with the young people that are the part of the organization’s target group (volunteer coordinator, trainer, project manager, facilitator of community activities, mentor etc.), but have the will and motivation to produce real change in their organization regarding its strategic development.
There is no age limit!

Travel arrangements
The participants will advance the money for their travel tickets and make sure that they provide us, on the training spot, the following documents: invoice for travel ticket, copy of electronic ticket and boarding passes.
Participants should arrange their transportation to Bucharest, Romania: travel on June, the 12th, and arrive by afternoon and depart on June the 18th, after lunch (12.00 EET). 13th- 17th of June are full training days.
Should participants want to arrive sooner and depart later than the mentioned dates, they are welcome to do so.
BUT, once they have returned back home after the training, the participants will send the remaining boarding passes to ADV, at the following addresses:
Via regular post: Fundatia “Alaturi de Voi” Romania, Oficiul Postal Valea Lupului, Casuta postala 4, jud. Iasi;
Rapid post (DHL): Str. Bazinelor, nr. 5, sat. Uricani, com. Miroslava, jud. Iaşi, cod postal 707316.
Contact person: Manuela Iftimoaei, cell phone: 0040 757 110 242 or landline: 0040 232 275568.
ADV will transfer the money within 10 days of receiving the boarding passes; the reimbursement payment will be made via bank transfer.

Lodging and training venue
All accommodation and meal costs are covered by the organizers. The training venue will be close to Bucharest and will be decided once all participants have been selected.
But, do expect a mountain resort! 

Deadline for applications: 10th April 2017 @

Application form:application-form-final