This training will take place in Harva Island, Finland, between August 28th – September 3rd 2017.
For YMCA Romania are 3 places available.

This project is a part of wider and long-term international cooperation coordinated by YMCA Europe. It’s called “YMCA Camps in Europe “. The organizational team is reminding you the essential information, which will keep you aware of the reasons and overall objectives as well as help you to recruit good participants.

• Background
Youth and children camps are one of those forms of activities, where the educational values and principles of healthy living can be implemented in an attractive and safe way. YMCA is very well placed to provide this educational form to Europe in a wide range. In Europe there are many YMCA organizations with long camping tradition, which have elaborated high quality service, perform unique approach to children and young people and their staff is trained within sophisticated systems. Most of the YMCA camps represent very high standards and as such are recognized by communities. However, in most cases the YMCA movements work separately and it’s difficult to talk about common standards in organizing camps and training the staff. This project is the next very important step for joining capacities: a group of camp present or future managers will be trained within a common system.

YMCA Finland is well placed to be the host of this project: has several good camping sites, experience at training volunteers and staff. Above all, however, they have committed young leaders who want to cooperate with their colleagues from other countries. The Programme was launched in 2013, when the first plans and agreements were made. Since that time 3 international training courses within this programme have been run: May 2015 and May 2016, in The Netherlands and September 2016 in Portugal – all of them were awarded with grants of Erasmus+.
Now The YMCA of Finland takes the initiative and joins the movements that host another edition of training. Presently, not all European YMCA movements can boast of developed camp activities or own facilities. The analysis of situation in the Balkans and some YMCA movements in Eastern Europe shows that despite a significant demand for camping services, the YMCA associations are not able to enter the market with a sufficiently strong offer. The main drawbacks are lack of longer camping tradition, weak marketing, insufficient management skills and qualified instructors. Training seminars like this one are going to fulfil such gaps.
Since 2016 “YMCA Camps in Europe ” contributes to building World Programme Coalition at camping. That is thanks to closer cooperation with the leadership of The YMCA of USA. In Harva, we expect contribution experts at camp management from American YMCA as it was in case of training in Portugal. This will give the event additional value.

• Objectives of the project
– Strengthening regular cooperation between the associations with a purpose setting common standards of camping systems to achieve synergy effect
– Creation of a training system that could be adopted by various YMCA movements
– Equalizing and increasing opportunities: the project itself is a good opportunity for youth associations that don’t have long traditions of organizing youth camps – being in a training system can allow to pick up required knowledge and skills quickly
– Output of useful learning materials: manual, adoption of best practices to the training curriculum.

• Participant profile
– Age; 20 and more
– Experience of work at camps or outdoor activities
– Interest in organising work for other people: planning, logistic, fundraising, marketing, administrating human resources
– Ability of work as a youth leader or administration staff at a summer camp in the summer of 2017 and 2018
– Ability of work in international, multicultural team
– Readiness for dissemination the output in the follow-up process
– Communicative language skills (English)

• Important for successful implementation
This training event is the main activity of the project that lasts from May 31. to Nov 29. Please be prepared for some obligations related to the evaluation and reporting period after the event. Your cooperation is essential for successful submission the final report to Erasmus+ National Agency. The participants will be receiving further info letters, requests and reminders.

YMCA Turku, Camp Island Harva – N60°20.9425´E22°7.2052´(WGS84) – On the edge of Finnish archipelago
Please check out the venue here:harva-camp-island-1

– The participants need to plan their travel to the city of Turku.
– Arrival: Monday 28.08.2017. Departure: Sunday 03.09.2017.
– The meeting point is the Railway Station in Turku.
– The meeting point is the Railway Station in Turku.
– If you travel from Helsinki Airport Vantaa (187km) you can travel easily by train from airport to Tikkurila, and then to Turku.
– If you travel from Turku Airport (28 km), you can take a local bus.
– You will have a free YMCA shuttle bus from Turku Railway Station to the harbour on the day of arrival. The same shuttle bus will be provided on your back travel.
– To the Camp Island the participants will be taken by boat. The name of the harbour is Heinänokka. From there, you will have a Y-scout boat transfer (non stop) to the island, which is approximately 1 km from the harbour.

– Wooden cabins with possibility of outdoor sleeping
– Rooms: two separate rooms for 18 and 24 persons, beds in two levels; two trainerrooms for 8 and 8 persons, one separate cabin of camp leaders for 2-3 persons

– EUR 30, per person.
– The fee includes food, accommodation, transportation from/to Turku Railway Station conference facilities and programme cost

Travel cost
– reimbursed till the maximum amount of 275 EUR/person.

More information: training-camp-in-finland-info-letter-2-information-for-participants-1

Please send your application form to till 15th July 2017.

Application form:

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