There are moments in your life that you will never forget. Sometimes those moments come after being walking for a long time through a large and struggling path, some other times they come unexpectedly and easily. A common denominator appears anyway in both cases: the best experiences come to those who are seeking as best they can.

Our story began in two spots nearby the Mediterranean coast.

Cecilia, an Italian girl from Pesaro, and Juan, a Spanish guy from Barcelona, heard about EVS project not long time ago. Time went very fast and in a few months, these two were ready to start a new chapter. The feeling of curiosity was mixed with fears and excitation.

We arrived in Baia Mare on the 20th October to complete the EVS Team. It’s difficult to explain what you feel in the right moment when you see a new city for the first time, maybe we can sum up with this quote from a famous movie “L’auberge espagnol” (Cedric Klapish, 2002): “When you first arrive in a new city, nothing makes sense. Everything unknown, virgin… After you’ve lived here, walked these streets, you’ll know them inside out. You’ll know these people. Once you’ve lived here, crossed this street 10, 20, 1000 times… it’ll belong to you because you’ve lived there. That was about to happen to me, but I didn’t know it yet.”

New people, new house, new office, new routine, everything is new, stranger. The first week was more or less like that, trying to get used to a new life.

We spent our time between training and administration office. To be honest, these first days were quite hard. We were only two in our flat (the other four were in Bucharest for the on-arrival training), we didn’t know the city and the cold weather didn’t help us: the initial motivation started to decrease.

Little by little, we started to go out and we met other volunteers from different associations and things started to work. But the best time began on the 29th October, when our flatmates came back from Bucharest. The second week started with a beautiful afternoon in Somcuta with the refugees and asylum seekers. Our first activity with children gave us the right motivation to face our EVS.

On Wednesday, another great day arrived and we spent our morning in one High School, speaking about Human Rights.

More and more, this experience is enriching us, more and more we feel the deep sense of this project, more and more we become curious about this new country in front of us, more and more we are glad to be here.

Now we are sure that the best is definitely to come.