KFUK-KFUM Global (Y Global) Norway is organizing a mobility for youth workers between 12 August and 18 August 2017 in Strandheim Hotel, Røyken Municipality,Norway, project funded by Erasmus Plus Program.

Global Week is an international mobility of youth workers under the theme “Youth in Action for Global Advocacy and Poverty Eradication”. Global Week has been a flagship project of Y Global designed to engage young people on global injustices under the “Stop Poverty campaign”. The project takes 50 participants (young people selected based on their involvement and affinity to the themes at hand) through advocacy work at local, regional and global level issues with a focus on policy reforms.
The activities will provide participants with tools to better themselves in the filed of advocacy and contribute to poverty reduction, using a variety of tools of non-formal education, including Subject to Citizen and Human Library.
The participants will develop their abilities in advocacy and will become more aware of how it can be used to diminish resolve a wide spectrum of problems, including poverty, youth exclusion and radicalization.
They will take all these new skills back to their communities where they will use them, and teach others how to use them, in order to solve at least some of the problems that are present there. In the long run, it is expected that networks will be formed, which will spread their activities across regions and countries.

Participating countries

Norway, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Finland

1. To equip participants with leadership skills and youth work techniques for social intervention in local communities.
2. To increase knowledge, active citizenship and engagement on pressuring issues (such as employment, health, migration, human rights and environment) affecting young people at community, national, European and global levels.
3.To promote the active citizenship, social inclusion and solidarity of all young people.

Participants’ profile
The participants will be young people who have an interest to implement/extend youth projects in their local communities as a result of this experience. As youth workers, they are expected to be active persons in their organisation, to be eager in learning and developing their skills related to the core theme of the project, and to use these skills and spread their knowledge when returning to their communities.They will all apply through a
registration form process, describing their interests, needs, commitment and ties to their local communities to ensure a proper and fair selection process.
They can be staff or volunteers. Our experience tells us that there will be a potential excellent mix of all levels ensuring a great space for sharing of practice and experience.
This program is designed as an equal opportunity activity, where we will do our best to remove barriers to participation. The reality is for some participants their income as well as the budget of the partner organizations is nonexistent or is not enough to sponsor such an activity. Therefore, without the grant it would be impossible for them to attend. The majority of these young leaders are volunteers or students who are working in their

The main activities of the project will be variety of session focusing on Advocacy, Subject to Citizen, Civil Society, Youth, Sustainable Development Goals, Civic Engagement, Radicalization and Extremism, Savings and Investment Groups, Europe 2020 Strategy and Erasmus+.

Strandheim Christian camp is a unique gem in the Oslo fjord and offers the terrific tip of Nærsnes Tangen in Royken Municipality. The camp is owned by the Asker and Bærum and Oslo and Akershus YWCA-YMCA jointly. Strandheim has about 600 meters of beach, opportunities for swimming from a large private pier, soccer, volleyball nets and a scenic plot of over 30 acres available. The camp has beds for over 90 people and there is the possibility of additional mattresses or tents.

Number of participants from Romania: 4

-accomodation, food, training materials are covered by the grant and host organization
– travel costs are reimbursed for Romanian participants within the limit of 360 EUR.

More details in the Infopack:info-pack-global-week-2017-1

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