The Impulse Boot Camp is an international training for people between 18 and 27 years who are
voluntary active in creative political processes. We will try out project management tools, methods
for working in groups and reflect upon our personal and organisational development. Non-formal
methods with an innovative and interdisciplinary character, will be selected for this purpose. The
seminar will be shaped by the participating people from at least 7 different countries, so we can
share our stories and learn from each other.

Together we want to develop a new project idea that can be implemented either by every participant her- or himself or together as a group. At the end you will take the knowledge back into your communities and take an active part political processes.

The Impulse Boot Camp will take place from August 14th to 21th 2017 in the countryside of Saxony,Germany (Schneeberg).
We will live in a seminar house where we have our own food crew that will cook ecologically, locally and according to our needs. Our seminar house is surrounded by wonderful nature.

The idea of the IBC is to bring young multipliers together, so every participant should be voluntary active.

You can find this application file attached or on host organization website via

-participation fee of 30 € (food, accommodation and learning material included)
– travel costs will be covered up to 80 % : (Participants from the European Union & Turkey max. 170€, Tunisia 270€ and Germany the travel cost for train ticket with Bahncard 50)

You can also find the description of the IBC on the website. The applicants should send their applications to until May 14th .

Application form:ibc-application-2017