POLITES Association is organizing a long-term EVS project that will take place in Szczecin, Poland. They would
like to invite 18 volunteers from 12 different countries.

The main aim of the project is to develop key competences and gain experience by being an EVS volunteer. Taking part in our project means working with kids, youth and local community. You will have a great chance to present yourself, your country and culture. First two weeks is a preparation period. You will participate in different workshops and activities prepared by members of our Association. It is to help you adjust to your new home and provide you knowledge needed to work in the chosen area – kindergarten, middle school or NGO office. In September you will start your main activities. Volunteers who will be interested in taking up some extra voluntary actions, will have an opportunity to join activities organized by Regional Volunteer Centre. On our Facebook pages you can see the pictures from our Erasmus+ activities.
During your stay you will have the opportunity to meet people that participate in the different projects, such as
short-term EVS “MULTI KULTI” or our Training Courses. Join us to explore new possibilities, gain experience and
have lots of joy!

A. kindergarten
The volunteer supports the staff in taking care of the kids/ teaching basic skills such as personal hygiene and social skills, teaches basics of the native language, organizes and leads activities designed to promote physical, mental, and social development such as games, arts and crafts, music, and storytelling.

B. middle school
The volunteer organizes classes for students about language/culture and traditions of various countries in the
UE, supports pupils in learning foreign languages, carries out various activities about the EU, helps in running a school radio/ broadcasts the music/trivia/cuisine and culture of a given country, activates pupils in sport.

C. NGO office
The volunteer supports Regional Volunteering Centre and its’ programmes Big Brother Big Sister and Emergency Teaching, administrates our Social Media, prepares posters/ flyers, promotes the idea of EVS, writes reports, organizes courses of native language/ workshops (ex. Human rights)/ cultural events.

Accomodation, financial support

Every volunteer who is taking part in the long term EVS in Szczecin is supported with pocket and food allowance money (not less than 180 Euro). It means that for your stay you will receive the money for your expenses that you can use to buy the food for yourself, travel around, buy new clothes or visit an art gallery.
You will be accommodated in rented flat with the access to kitchen and bathroom. All the kitchen appliances
like forks, spoons, plates, pots etc. will be there also. Bills are paid by POLITES Association.

Travel reimbursement is provided for each volunteer – for Romania the maximum amount of travel cost is 275 EUR ( according with distance calculator of European Commission).

Infoletter and online application form: longterm-infopack-2017-1a


Project funded by: erasmus_logo_1