In our second blog entry, we are going to show the experiences form our -arrival-training and our first working days.

We, the fantastic four, went to Bucharest for our on-arrival-training. During these six days we met 60 volunteers from all over Romania. It was a great opportunity to make a lot of internationally- orientated friends and now we have the possibility to travel through Romania with free accommodation. The most important thing was that we learned a lot about different cultures, and we know a lot more about our insurance, the national agency, etc. During the training we tackled topics like teambuilding, mentorship and conflict management through non-formal activities in groups. Not to forget to mention are the parties we had! Already on the second day the party-ing was so heavy that the elevator broke down. This meant that from this moment, the training room on the 6th floor was only accessible by stairs. Free workout for everyone!

After five days of training it was time to come back to Baia Mare. We had to take a 12-hour-long train trip with new friends in our pockets.


When we arrived we found two strangers in our home; at last our team is complete! Together we went to celebrate the birthday of Cecilia in a bar, joined by the YMCA-Team and Friends. We had an amazing week to look forward to. Monday brought us to the house of culture in Şomcuta Mare for Halloween activities with refugees.

Two days later we put our planning session into action: our first real activity in a school! We introduced the topic Human Rights to local youngsters with help of brainstorming and a small roleplay. It was amazingly good to see how the kids gained understanding on Human Rights. After these three hours we were more motivated than ever before, and we have grown to become more motivated ever since!

How to survive the on-arrival-training:

  • Do some sports, take the stairs
  • What happens in Bucharest stays in Bucharest
  • Go to sleep before the party`s get too wild

Jonathan (The Netherlands), Barbara (Portugal), Maeliss ( France), Angelika ( Austria)