The TC “EVS Project Making” will gather 22 active project coordinators and representatives from NGOs and Associations involved in youth work and EVS from EU countries. This project would like to offer current youth workers, with at least a basic experience in EVS project writing, a learning opportunity to improve and update their competences in EVS project design.

2 PLACES AVAILABLE For Federatia YMCA Romania

From the above stated, the concrete objectives of the project are:
– To provide safe space for personal development in non-formal education
– To improve the competences of youth workers in EVS project design
– To create and test EVS project ideas
– To establish links between young youth workers for future cooperation in nonformal
education in the youth sector

This project is addressed to participants with the following profile:
– Involved in a NGO and in EVS
– At least basic knowledge of EVS and its mechanism
– At least basic experience in project writing for local, national or European grants
– Interested in developing EVS project during and after this training
– Wish and ability to participate fully in the event
– Good level of English to actively follow the activities and to contribute to them
– Age: over 18 years old


  1. By 15th September: deadline for Romanian participants to send the form to
  2. By 17th September: deadline to send the Participant Form (one for each
    participant) to
  3. Selected participants will be informed by 22nd September
  4. By 8th October: deadline to fulfil the logistic and travel tasks: Purchase of travel tickets and provide us with all the needed information. DON’T BUY TICKETS UNTIL WE GIVE CONFIRMATION

Accommodation, meals and working materials are provided by the organisers.
Travel costs to the venue and back will be reimbursed up to the maximum of the
amount indicated by the distance calculator provide by the EC (see the Travel costs
max reimbursable below).
There is a participation fee of € 50 for each participant, that will be deducted
from the reimbursement.
Travel reimbursement for Romania is 275 EUR/person.
The ARRIVAL day is Tuesday 14th November 2017. Be in Pesaro before 19.00.
The DEPARTURE day is Wednesday 22nd November 2017
It’s not possible to arrive later than 14th November and depart before 22nd November. Extra-days: following the guidelines of the Erasmus+ programme the travel must be realised by the participants in proximity to the project’s dates (the travel cannot start before 12th November, and the return flight cannot end after 24th November) In case of longer stays the travel might not be reimbursed. Food and accommodation for extra-days will not be covered by the organizers.

Info pack: Infopack EVS Project Making

Application form: Participant form_name.surname

Deadline for applications: 15th September 2017 at