After two long days of planning days we started our activities in the schools on Wednesday. School- 8 was our first victim. Hereafter we jumped into another challenge in the Hungarian School of Baia Mare. Armed with the knowledge of handling difficult behaviour, we were more confident to face the wild creatures that are kids, and transform all the mess of last week into a true teaching paradise. Being confident, however, does not mean that all work is done and the next day we faced yet another challenge in Copalnic. Here, we tried to do some different activities with the youngers. Much work still needs to be done in learning how  to deal and manage with kids. We no less must try to make ourselves understandable without clashing on the language barrier. Creativity proved to be the tool to overcome this obstacle. We gave the children pictures and tried to teach them with minimal use of language. As an extra motivation, we could rely on the warm attention of the local teachers; we had been warmly received by the teachers whom offered us traditional plăcintă, tea and coffee. The teachers did also offer us the opportunity to travel with them back to Baia Mare. This was a gift we graciously accepted.

Our bellies were filled when we arrived in Baia Mare. We were ready to visit the local Children’s Houses for activities. In the houses we cooked delicious Dutch pancakes and we played Portuguese-Brazilian futebol. Those activities were really special for us, because these allow us to create a strong connection with the youngsters, speak a strange mix of different languages and build something truly unique.

From this week on, Black Friday has a different meaning for us. This day will not be remembered as a happy day of sales, but instead as a day of real hard work. Four long hours in Somcuta felt like running a marathon. The teachers of this school had very high expectations of our work. We had to create many different activities in a short period of time, and crossed our fingers in preparation of that day. Friday’s wake-up was especially hard, because we needed to be in time at the Fany station, in order to take the bus that departed at 7h15. Tiredness was the central word of the day. Nonetheless, like all soldiers we fought against all our fears and the nearing exhaustion, and we managed to do a great job there.

Back in Baia Mare we recharged our batteries with coffee and hot chocolate. It was needed, for the afternoon would be spend in far-away Cavnic. Adventure time started! The roads were busy, and public transport was crowded. We were forced to split up in two groups. Only two of us were able to fit in the first bus, which left in time to ensure their presence in Cavnic at the right moment. The rest took another bus, and arrived half an hour later in the small mountain village. The busride was uncomfortable, and the adventure that awaited us was even more uncomfortable! The children of Cavnic were wild and noisy. At this point, this did not bother us; the important thing was, that this long and exhaustive day had come to an end.

A sad goodbye…

Weekend arrived. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to two of our team members during the weekend. Juan and Cecilia went to Bucharest, and are set to experience their on-Arrival training as the other four have done a month ago. So, dear reading people, next week the Fantastic Six will be with four again.


How to survive harsh winter?

  1. Buy a good coat
  2. Don’t Forget the shoes
  3. Turn the heater on
  4. Stay inside and drink pălincă
  5. Maybe the hot chocolate warm your heart