The project Innovations Camp Grant is approved by Movetia Foundation Switzerland .
As part of OUR WAY strategy delivery and our focus on Youth Empowerment, the World YMCA is
organizes every year the “Programme Innovation Camp” which will focus on training and sharing of
best practices in order to scale up youth empowerment initiatives and deepen YMCA’s Involvement
in strategic areas. The Innovation Camp will train and support YMCAs interested and with the
mandate to extend its work through specific initiatives as follows:
For the New Youth Empowerment Programme (Power Space is a working name), I am sharing a real draft with you for an idea of what it will be so that you can start also to identify people, but more details will be coming later as we are working with our resource groups and partners at ILO on the development of the idea. (please, do not share too much as it still an incomplete draft and with potential mistakes)
If your choice was on Ten Sing, Youth and Parliament and Environmental Advocacy, you can start asking people to register with no delay following the links shared on the announcement of the programme.
Applications: – Mark “YES” for Movetia Foundation Quota
Costs and Participants
Shared Costs: The contribution for the costs will be CHF 70 for Western Europe and CHF 35 for Eastern Europe and Middle East Countries.
Flights:  Will be covered up to CHF 300 per person (CHF 50 for Swiss Participants)
(We can issue the tickets from Geneva if you wish so – please email us)
Visa related Costs100% refundable.
Important: Presentation of original receipts and boarding passes are condition for financial support. Failure to present will mean costs to be invoiced to the YMCA.
Participants Quotas:
Albania (3), Armenia (3), Belarus (2), Bulgaria (3), Czech Republic (1), France (2), Germany(2), Kosovo (4), Lithuania (2),Macedonia (2), Malta (2), Portugal (2), Romania (2), Serbia (3), Sweden (2), Ukraine (3)  UK (6), Switzerland (4)   
Participants and YMCA Profiles
We are looking for YMCAs committed to work on implementing/extending those initiatives in the
next 24 months. This means the sending YMCAs already have basic understanding of those
initiatives and are planning on their implementation/extension. The successful candidates are
volunteers or staff members (of any age) of the YMCAs able to communicate in English and
assigned by their YMCAs to lead pilot initiatives upon return. Participants are also expected to join
an online preparatory meeting for proper briefing and preparation.
The participants will be divided and trained based on the programme choice and will have joint
sessions on common themes such us Project Management & Leadership, Child Protection, Impact
Assessment, and Fundraising based on peer learning methodologies. All participants are expected
to contribute with their experiences on those themes.
Costs and Logistics
When: September 28 to October 3
Where: Hotel Central Résidence & SPA – Route du Belvédère. 1854 Leysin, Switzerland
Important: Recommended Arrivals at GVA or ZRH Airport, September 28 no later than 17h.
Departure from GVA or ZHR not before 16h.
Train Station for Arrival: Leysin-Feydey
Deadline: Urgent – till 12 September 2017