Another week passed and new moments were always lived with a good mood. The beginning of the weeks is always marked by activity planning and this week we felt successful. We received a positive feedback from the students and the teachers about the activity of conflict management. Even better, we always learn from “our students.” About ours hungarian children with 6 years old, it´s always a pleasure to do the little activities with them and feel how much they like to have us there.

Here in Romania, the communiy celebrates the St. Nicholas Day on Thursday. The children are accustomed to receive sweets. So, the four musketeers got in the way and brought candies to the schools and foster houses (chocolates and juices). Our gift is to see every smile more complete. The kids/youth are lovely. I can´t wait to spend more time with them sharing the true definition of “take care”.


As every week has a weekend, this weekend we spent in Cluj-Napoca with friends / volunteers. A weekend with a lot of friendship, happiness and fun.
Every week here is a teaching … Every day, I get something new that will stay for my life.P.S. It´s important not to forget the incredible event that we held on the part of the association somaschi: the fashmob in the shopping VIVO to celebrate the International Volunteer Day.

Memories that will stay forever.