So, the last week began with our coordinator where, in the office, we did a summary of the previous week. This analysis is called “SWOT” evaluation and which letter means: “S” (strengths), “W” (weaknesses), “O” (opportunities) and “T” (threats”). After this dialogue, we made a schedule for the following weeks. The teamwork was very satisfactory (as always) and we planned the activities for the whole work, always with good ideas for the children and for the teenagers but as well for us.

We only had a few days until the centenary so, the kids prepared something very special for us. We listened and sang songs together, we painted and we shared with them love and help to carry out the activities and spend a good time. In hungarian school, it’s always a big challenge than the other´s school because we don´t communicate in Hungarian and only a little in Romanian, but we speak with them with a smile, a hug, a touch of the hands. All of this is non-formal communication, non-formal way of acting with this wonderful kids.The feeling of when we are climbing the stairs and the kids are already waiting for us at the door with a huge smile , it´s so grateful. After the activity, when I leave the room, my heart is always fullfilled.

Part II

This weekend was so so so good. I enjoyed a lot. These two days we had a lot of excited things happening.

My friends together with the association and with my mom, made me the most special anniversary ever. It started on Friday when I had a surprise party with some of YMCA volunteers. There´s no words for describing what I felt. Thank you so much to all..

Another surprise happened on Saturday morning. I woke up with a lot of hugs from my dear friends and photos in the kitchen with balloons too. We started making the breakfeast and, suddendly, someone knocked at the door.. It was my mom. This woman moves worlds for me. We spent a weekend in family with a lot of love and friendship. They made this weekend memorable, authentic and I can´t find the correct words to say thanks. I have the best ones with me.

I swear, I´m very happy 🙂