We have been out on Bucarest for a week. Our On Arrival Training (OAT) has been brilliant. Full of emotion, new knowledge, fun and, mostly, new interesting people with whom we had the opportunity to share our thoughts and our life for a while. We came from 13 different countries, what made this experience incredibly enriching. Imagine how many perspectives 75 new people can bring to your life. I am that glad I had this opportunity that I cannot even express it. At the end of the week we all were exhausted, but fulfilled. It was worth it, of course. That is why we are going to miss Rin Grand Hotel for a while.

Luckily, the Baia Mare group of volunteers was a big one. Now, the fourth of us have new people with whom we can share time and ideas, what is always ideal. We are also motivated to put all the theory in practice, to transmit what we have. We have been encouraged to do our best and feel that what we have to say counts. We are stronger now.

I cannot feel more thankful for this magic the EVS has given me. I am willing to see you all, people, but the action is about to start and I need to be focused. See you soon, EVSers; good morning, Baia Mare! We are back and ready 😀