I start this text saying ” time flies”. But this time it´s used in the best possible way.

I could not be happier and more grateful for the way that everything is happening naturally and always with the main objective achieved, feel good and useful.

It has been weeks of brainstorming, cultural learning, sharing moments… weeks of fun, emotion and friendship that remains in different feelings and challenges essential to my growth as a person.

The region of Maramures fascinates me with all the beauty and with my friend Olatz we spent a great time there, escape into the mountain and walk freely , what gives me a pure, healthy, peaceful and freedom feeling.

This week has been very important, both in personally and professionally ways. The teamwork has been very productive and the preparation of the activities such as their execution has received a positive feedback. At the end of each activity, I feel fulfilled and grateful for the opportunity and for all the affection received by children and youth. Here I feel like I`m doing my real job, what I really like. It`s almost two months since I decided to work in this project and all the support that I have received is indispensable. New approaches have happened and the way that everything is going is wonderful. I only hope positive things going forward and in each day a new goal is established with all the confidence and attitude for the reach.