What a tiring week. Plenty of activities and emotions: nerves, excitement and, of course, frustration. How challenging can some 6 years old be? How did it come that expressing myself became so difficult? I was already aware of the importance of words; but, suddenly, I have realized how powerful the non-verbal communication is: a look, a smile, a hug. They all reach where some meaningless words can’t. Learning to use them, to make them feel natural in the way I act is the next step in this beautiful adventure.

Somehow, I feel that this kids and teenagers are teaching me more than anything I have to offer them. In an arrogant way, I thought it was going to be me the one helping them discover the world, their limits, their wills… But definitely I am not. Actually, it is me the one exploring with them what surrounds me, it is me the one discovering what my feelings mean and what I want out of all of this experience. I have been pushed out my comfort zone and now it is the moment to create a complete new one. I am so thankful for that opportunity .

Baia Mare is full of surprises that I am willing to live. Even if sometimes they scare me in a way, I am pretty sure that they are worth it: all the reddish spots that this autumn has showed me, all the new people these two months has brought into my life, all the knowledge I am acquiring out of the frustration and joy, every single look, smile and hug I have given and received.