And here we go to face our last week as EVSers in Romania this year. Christmas is in the corner and our families are waiting for us at home. The snow made its first big appearence so we do not forget that winter is here to stay for a while. With it, our time for a break comes, but it does not feel like necessary. I still have not taken the plane and I am already thinking on the coming back. I guess that is a sample of how good has been this first stage of the adventure that is reaching to its end.

This week is divided between joyfull Christmas parties and “see you soons” -never goodbyes-. As I said, it is only a break, but it feels too sad somehow. Maybe I suddenly became conscious of how fast time goes by and how this is just a short and ending moment in our lives. Or maybe is just the snow making me feel way more emotional than I should be. Anyhow, I am here to enjoy, learn, improve my skills and take the most out of this experience, so I will keep trying my best when I come back so I can see more enthusiastic faces for what we all together are creating day by day.

Anyway, even for people that do not like Christmas -like me-, the ending of the year is a moment to look back and make a sum up of what happened this year. It is a moment to feel grateful for what you have, and so do I. I will use this last lines to say thank you to all those who have made this Baia Mare experience possible and as beautiful and complex as it is: Alina, who is always pushing our limits; Tudor, who always makes us have a smile in our face; Marian, the adventurous and annoying soul; Calina, my confidant and one of the biggest and most wonderful surprises I got here; Roxi, who is always ready to mock; all the YMCA and EVS volunteers that help us integrate every day. How to forget my odd new family: Catarina, Alejandro and Cindy.

And, of course, the support I had and have at home with all those who pushed me into this and motivated me to take this path -the ones that are still there and the ones that I will not find when I come back-: closest family, Laida, Pitxon, Lierni, Nu, Borja. Maite zaituztet.

Te echo de menos, abuelo ­čÖé