It has been a fast going week. Full of interesting activities and nice experiences. Even if the weather is turning into grey and darkness, I managed -with a little help- to find the colourful resistance of Romania. 

Somehow I fixed last week’s bitter taste: the kids are able to see farther than I thought. They know you care even when things do not work well. That is my new learning this week. All days are not going to be perfect, but they will appreciate your effort and they will be willing to see you again and have real fun with you. Like we did this time in the hungarian school.

Then School number 8 came with the surprise of getting us into the culture, the tradition and the meaning of being romanian. We left the tension of the previous week to enjoy what this 100 old country had to show us. And so we did listening them sing, wearing some of their traditional clothes’ accesories, being part of their learning of what their culture means…

But, of course, it has been a week of more than working with youth. This week we became enthusiastic tourists driving through Maramures and finding some corners that thrilled us. We lighted the candles in the wooden churches, understand the atrocity of history, perceive the infinite colours in the merry cementery, feel the infinity looking to the never ending mountains and be atracted by the dense creepy forests.

Finally, the week could not end in a better way but with the sound and luminity of fireworks in the night sky. Fire and warmth in the cold. A whole town together expecting the light to come.