After ending their  European Voluntary Service in Baia Mare, Romania at YMCA Romania, our former EVS volunteer from Portugal, Barbara Pereira, together with her project colleagues – Jonathan van Varik, Cecilia Fini, Angelika Petritz, Maeliss Vray launched the HIDEAWAY movement.

HIDEAWAY MOVEMENT is a team of people that aims to increase awareness of the living conditions of refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced people by telling their stories. These are based on interviews we performed with refugees from different countries. Each story is unique and every story is important to be read. The participant is  not just a reader , they challenge you to reflect on the dilemmas that are presented and write a solution, a probable end. We are all challenged to be  participative VOICE in this cause.

Barbara worked before in refugee camps in Mozambique and during her EVS in Baia Mare Romania together with her project colleagues and Romanian volunteers organized programs and events with refugees and asylum seekers, sharing, learning, raising awareness.

This new chapter is a continuation of her passion and commitment about raising awareness  about the conditions and status of refugees , asylum seekers, and displaced people all over the world.

In the next period she will go to Thessaloniki where the staff of World Alliance of YMCA will facilitate her entrance in the refugee camp and interaction with the refugees in order to collect stories and continue the work.

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We are very proud of  our Youth Power Space EVS team!

The EVS project Youth Power Space was co-funded by European Union through Erasmus Plus Program.