New methods for a new world.

The world is changing: Everything is complex, fast-paced, globalized and inter-connected. More than this world needs people that are not only aware of today’s social challenges, but contributes actively to a better community.  IBC is an international multiplier training, where you will find out how to contribute with more impact and at ease. Our „Think & Do Tank“ offers relevant skills and approaches of the modern working world of social change makers. During IBC we will try out project management tools, group-methods and reflect upon our personal and organisational development. We offer an international network full of opportunities.

What is the IBC?

The Impulse Boost Camp is an international training for people between 18 and 27 years who are voluntary active in civil society. We will try out project management tools, group-methods and reflect upon our personal and organisational development. Non-formal methods and the art of hosting with an innovative and interdisciplinary character will be selected for this purpose. The seminar will be shaped by the active participation of people from at least 5 different countries, so that we can share our stories and learn from each other.

After the seminar you have the chance to pass on your freshly gained knowledge to your peers at home. IBC will prepare you for this.

The Impulse Boost Camp will take place from July 7th to 15th 2018 in the countryside of Saxony, Germany (Schneeberg). We will live in a seminar house where we have our own food crew that will cook ecologically, locally and according to our needs.

Participating Organisations

Yucel Cultural Foundation, Turkey
YouthCan, Tunisia
YMCA Romania
Love Foundation, Netherlands & Europe

Pangeya Ultima, Ukraine,
ifzw impulsstiftung, Germany

 What will you get out of the Seminar?

  • learn new effective methods for working in groups
  • try out project management tools
  • get to know other international projects and working methods
  • boost your soft skills for idea development, storytelling and harvesting conversations
  • personal reflection on both your personal and professional life
  • learn how to avoid or solve communication problems
  • strengthen your multiplier role in your community through organising an IBC implementation workshop at home

Requirements for Participants

  • age at the time of the Boost Camp: 18 – 27 (in exceptional cases until 30)
  • good English (B2+)
  • experiences in voluntary work and project management
  • intercultural sensitivity
  • motivation to learn and to share your own experiences and knowledge
  • motivation to spread good vibes by e.g. getting yourself involved while bringing instruments, games or candy


  • for participants coming from Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and Romania: 40 € (food, accommodation and learning material included)
  • for participants coming from Germany, the Netherlands and other West European Countries: 70 € (food, accommodation and learning material included)
  • Travel cost will be refunded after the seminar based on the EU Erasmus+ Standards depending on where you are coming from

Maximum Travel Cost Refund:

Tunisia – 270 Euros

Turkey – 270 Euros

Ukraine – 270 Euros

Germany – 80 Euros

Netherlands – 170 Euros

Romania- 270 Euros

 Be part and apply now until May 30th

Fill out this form and send it together with your CV to  until May 30th.

For more details – please visit the organiser`s website