This was the last week, before Christmas because I’m going home. I will fly to Portugal, to spend time with my family and my friends who are waiting for me. Anxious to see them, for a short period of time but to tell the stories that I’m living here and all the aspects of my “new” life (which are very positive).
This week we had the opportunity to meet new students from school nº 8, a different way in which the dialogue was not well, but we managed that and was a really good morning.

At hungarian school, we decided to bring some of the Portuguese Christmas spirit to the children with a little dance. After all the batteries were loaded, it was time to do a handcraft with the theme “Christmas” so they could remember a little of us during this period of sharing. Once again, everything went great. There are no words for describing the opportunity that I have every day.. making part of this volunteer project.  I feel fulfilled and it’s only been three months.
Ice skating I like a lot but sharing with those who need us it´s even better. A simple gesture and affection makes all the difference in this Children’s lives. There’s no better reward than seeing them smile.

In Baia Mare I feel like I’m at home, in my environment. I have time for myself, to observe me, understand my behaviour, my way of thinking, of setting priorities and, by coincidence or not, this week I was reading a book and I found this phrase that describes one of the processes that I have been going through:

“As literature, love and pain, travel is a good way to find ourselves.”


See you next time 🙂