Beginnings are always special. It is probably the mix between the different tastes, views and sounds. You feel something in your inside that can’t stop, a trickling sensation that you might misunderstand with nerves or fear, but it is not: it is willing and excitement due to the huge range of possibilities that a brand-new start offers you.

I am facing these initial weeks in Baia Mare as an opportunity to explore and re-understand myself and Others. And that is actually what we have been discovering these days with the programmed activities: freeing our minds and personalities so we find the place were we best fit individually and, of course, as a collective.

By now it has been an intense and often mentally tiring experience, as we have done a conscious analysis of our strengths and weaknesses, of our position in front of obstacles -or in front of life, saying it shortly-. Believe me when I say that this self-examination drains energy more than any physical activity, but it also motivates us to wake up every morning wishing to continue with it. The effort is definitely paying off.

Cindy, Catarina, Alejandro and I now are part of the YMCA team, which has been marching for many years and that has given us the privilege to be part of them. Acting properly and giving the best of our perspectives to go forth with them is now our must. Let’s see how far can we get together.

As it happens, this objective is going to be easier with these three people that I mentioned. Without proposing it, we have created a quartet that hit it off that became a kind of neomusketeers -if Dumas let’s me say so-: we are complete strangers that destiny have put together forefront the unknown, but here we are one for the other. It is an amazing feeling to find people that you did not choose, but anyway you know in a few days that they will fulfill you.

Anyhow, we are part of YMCA since we put a foot in Baia Mare -maybe earlier too and we did not know it- and we met Alina and Tudor, who have given us facilities and their time for every single need or want we have had in order to feel comfortable on our arrival. I am grateful for that. Now it is time for us to show that diversity always adds.