One month is gone already. A month in which I have felt all the seasons, I have gone through ups and downs and I have had plenty of welcomes and goodbyes. I have just learned how to be a citizen of Baia Mare: get used to the early sunset and to the cold in the sun. Winter is in the corner, but I am not scared, I already feel the warmth of my new uncommon family.

This place is teaching me plenty of new perspectives and I am discovering complete new sensations that I still need to put a name and handle for good and for better. When it comes to live with four unkown people, you are hit by the consciousness of all your obsessions and how the lack of space affects you. Seen in another way, it is the opportunity to hear what your body asks for and try to find a place where you can feel free and lonely sometimes. You never know how important loneliness is until you spend so many hours in society.

Either way, I am joyful in Romania. The people and what surrounds me here are showing me how happiness can be found in the most unlikely moments: an unplanned hike that brings you to a colorful sunset, a Romanian class that ends up in a pub, an unexpected visit of an important friend, a hug of a shy kid in an activity.

One of the scariest things of the EVS is discovering yourself. You are suddenly seen by a huge amount of eyes that have never meet you before. That is the moment in which you realize that the image you have of yourself and your position in life is not the same that you thought. This feeling can be amazing and too heavy at the same time: having the chance of changing is tremendous, but, wow, how difficult is leaving a comfortable path? Even if the new one promises incredible adventures.

Maybe the best way to face it is thinking that paths are static. They are always there. Waiting for wanderers. If the one you chose -or created- is closed or is not what you expected, you can always come back. Of course, it won’t be the same: seasons come and go and so does the nature, but what matters will stay. The signs in the ways are always there, even if occasionally they hide, with a little effort you may find them again.