Olde Vechte Foundation s hosting a new YES EVS project  that give a volunteering  opportunity for 12 months for long-term fewer opportunity youngsters. The service can start in September 2018 and in January 2019.

Tasks of the volunteers

The idea is that all volunteers are running Olde Vechte foundation with the help of the rest of the team in a practical aspect, maintenance on the buildings and terrain, running the kitchen. In general, it is around 2 days per week (except if you are working at another accredited workplace). The other days of the week will be programmed with the volunteer depending on the skills and desired development of the volunteer in connection with the character of EVS and the context of the hosting organisation. This personal development plan is created with, and guided by, the Job supervisor of the Olde Vechte

Other work places

The Olde Vechte foundation is a hosting place for 15 volunteers and also a coordinating organisation for 10 volunteers’ places with accredited hosting organisations in the region of Ommen. All work places with the other accredited organisations have their own Job supervisor, the mentoring for these volunteers are done by mentor of the foundation Olde Vechte.

In order to stimulate the integration in the local community we stimulate that all volunteers have also a work place outside the Olde Vechte foundation. This can be a small project or full time. Together with the volunteer, we are looking to the possibilities, the first month is an introduction period which is meant to be the time to see if we can make a match with another organisation around Ommen.

Other possibilities

The EVS is an opportunity for the volunteers to realize their own personal goals or projects if these are well communicated to the staff and are in line with the mission of the foundation. We expect an active attitude from the volunteer, to be proactive and to take initiative.

Specifically, we expect initiative in:

  • Creating ideas to improve the context and contents of your EVS program

  • Looking for ideas to improve your own learning and living situation in order to get the maximum out of your EVS placement.

  • Creating results during your EVS placement that is measurable, visible in terms of personal and professional development.

  • Creating connection and activity’s with/for people of the local or regional community,

  • Provide you with necessary information about the Dutch culture and its standards and values.

  • Provide you with information and knowledge about the method of working, the organisation and the target group of the foundation.

  • To create follow up activities, work or studies after your EVS


    The foundation owns two houses for the volunteers at the estate of the foundation. Beside these houses we rent bungalow at two different parks near Ommen, at 20 biking minutes distance from the foundation for hosting volunteers.

    More information and application form here: participant application

Deadline 31st July 2018

Project co- funded by Erasmus Plus Program.