The first week of the new year was a peaceful one. We had few activities, and we had all the world to reflect on our future and to prepare our workshops. We rediscovered the Library. This place has become an anchor-point in Baia Mare and is now one of our favourite places in the city.

To overcome the silence of this week we mingled with other EVS -ers in Baia Mare. On Tuesday we enjoyed a nice drink in a local pub. On Wednesday we welcomed a Turkish volunteer in our city. This gathering was not just a party, it was a real Pancake Party! We saw our EVS-familiy grow. Saturday night we did see our fellow EVS-ers once again during the celebration of the birthday of a French volunteer. We started calmly in Podul Viilor, but could not be kept silent. In LogOut we danced. This night really was a crazy one and lasted until the early hours!


Friday morning we did go to the Lacul Albastru in the hills of Baia Sprie. Here, a true photo-shoot took place. Barbara used her amazing skills in photography to take the best pictures of our wonderful team.


This week our real activities will start again. Once again, we will visit schools, we will organize various activities and we will discover more and more about Romanian life and culture. With fresh energy, we reintegrate in Romanian society. We will also start to teach Romanian youngsters in a new way, as our own workshops are finally starting. Jonathan’s Workshop in Communicative English will be set on Tuesdays, and seeks to give occassion and space for practice for non-English speakers. Practice and regular exercise are, after all, the foundations of every new skill.

Also on Tuesdays, Cecilia will start her workshops on theatre. In this course, she will teach her pupils the basics of theater and performance.  She wants to give the participants the opportunity to truly express themselves. Besides, the workshop will be inclusive towards people from the various communities of Baia Mare. Romanians, Hungarians, people from Roma-communities and International Volunteers alike, all are welcome in her theater classes.

As we proceed into a new week, we have to acknowledge that we will leave again on a short notice. Next week will bring us to Brașov, where our Mid-Term Training will bring us new experiences, and new stories to write about.


How to survive a frosty winter?

  • Find good alcohol
  • Make a good connection with others volunteers out of the YMCA
  • Drink and dance Saturday night
  • Make vegetable strudel
  • Enjoy the sun when is possible (improve our Vitamin D)