It is undeniable that Romania is treating me well and that I am having fun here by trying to delight in every moment that this opportunity is offering to me. It is also true that here I am learning a lot about myself; and that is always the hard part: getting to know myself and getting to like it.

There is a continuous fight between the need of proving my limits and the fear of what I am going to have out of them. Between the dreams and expectations and the overwhelming sensation of being close to fulfill them or to fail -it is weird how similar these two opposite feelings are-. Baia Mare and the YMCA are a continuous roller-coaster of emotions that are not always easy to handle, but into which I am always jumping blindfolded.

We are already getting used to the routine. The schools do not make us that nervous anymore. The kids await impatience for us every week and we feel their warmth. But this project’s beauty is that it never lets us feel absolutely comfortable, it is always pushing us to new adventures. The new challenge for this week that comes are the youth from the foster houses. A totally different context to what we have seen until now: a totally different need, a totally different approach… but, again, an incredible expectation for it to come.

The willingness of trying new things and of letting all be takes me to the limit every day; even when I do not have the courage to do them. Maybe mostly then. I am proud in a way of the curiosity that I am feeling since I am here, but, somehow, I am putting myself under a pressure that does not let me completely seize the moment. I guess I will learn how to balance that too. There is time for us to grow in every way, even if this journey is flying past.