This week has ben more relaxed. We used the monday mornig to find out how we can fix our schedule to do all the things we have to do. So now I know what is our free time and I can plan things. It’s a busy schelude but well, we are here to work. And of course I don’t mind, I mean, I am here to work and I like what we are doing. I had no the idea of the EVS as the time to party all the time and that kind of things. I came here to do things and I have to say that I am glad that we are working a lot. But with the schedule I have the feeling that every time we are in the youth center we know what we have to do and we do it in a more efficient way. And when we are out we are not thinking about volunteerign things so we caan focus on have fun, cook, read, play videogames and even go to de gym (crossfit will kill me). So at least this week I feel more balanced, I will keep you informed about that.

Also this week we didn’t organise an activity for School nº8 because (drum sounds) THEY HAD SOMETHING PLANNED FOR US. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!

Yes, this moornig we woke up wondering what we are going to do in the school (I love surprises). And it was very fun. As maybe you already know this saturday is 1º December and beside it is Catarina’s birthday (Happy birthday Baby mama!!! :D) it is also the Romania’s national day. They celebrate the reunification (it exists, I checked on wordreference) of their country and the birth of Romania us a modern and united state. But this 1º December is even more important because they celebrate the Centenario (100 years) of that event and we will have a lot of special activities, specially in Alba Iulia, city of the reunification.
So maybe you can imagine what the surprise was about but you cannot imagine our smile when we saw an entire class of little kids dressed up with the folk clothes. Oh my god, they were so cute!!!! They invited us to this private celebration because of the Centenario we are very grateful. They were singin some natinal songs (with more energy than accuracy, but they were so cute anyway!!!) and the teacher told us about important romanian characters, painters, musicians, sculptors, inventors, sportists etc.

At the beginnig we were at the bottom of the class just observing, an imaginary border between the kids and us. But there was an empty seat in front of us and I decided to break the ice and seated there with them, like one of them. And then all the kids were looking back to see me seated like anothe kid and wondering one adul wanted to seat with them. And I was sticking out my tongue and making them laugh and then I became one of them. We took pictures with the traditional hat, we made a puzzle with the regions of Romania, we painted a figure with the traditional colthes from different places in the country, etc. So we had a lot of fun. We were playing and drawing with them, included in their team. They were smiling all the time and of course also us. When we went out of the classroom we were like high wit some drug. We couldn’t help to feel happy and full of energy after share that time with the kids. So it was an awesome surprise.
That’s why I love the surprises 😀
See you next week!