Last week, we went to Bucharest for the On-Arrival Training that took place at the RIN GRAND Hotel. It was 7 days of much knowledge, learning, harmony, happiness, friendship, sharing and culture.

The trip until Bucharest it was a surprise but also fun because we tried for the first time travel for 12 hours by train.


Catarina, Portugal

For me, the week that we spent in Bucharest it was amazing. I learnt a lot of things but at the same time I made new friendships. We started the training with a topic about who we are and our achievements in this project as EVS. The next few days we had the opportunity to discover new types of learning and another ways of thinking, how to be a team and accept other opinions.

At the cultural level was very enriching and it was as if you were jumping from country to country and had the opportunity to know a little bit of each one.

But also, Baia Mare now has another charm because we had the chance to get to know other groups of another associations and from now on we can share more and more good moments like those in Bucharest.

It was a unique week full of memories 🙂


Cindy, France

How can I explain this week?

I think each person has a important paper in the world and each one is different in it´s own way. And that´s what I was able to observe during those 7 days, even sometimes it was not so easy for me :D.

But now, in a few words let´s talk about how was this week for me. We started with a very important topic, in the 1st session, about health insurance and how it works. During the whole week, we had the opportunity to learn and share different types of things and thinks while we shared moments of fun with a lot of games.

So, as a summary of this week, I can describe it as a path of enrichment on a professional and personal level.