The last week was a week of feelings. We reserved these days to talk in our classes about emotions. In the Hungarian School we asked the children to write a letter to one person they admire, and subsequently taught how to fold this letter into an origami heart. As for the rest of the activities, we agreed on emotional theater. This involves a series of activities that cohere with communication, expression of feelings and empathy. Another very important thing to talk about during these days of valentine’s is love. We decided to leave out the commercial part of the valentine’s days and sought to connect the topic with the jumping out of one’s comfort-zone.

These love-filled days left Cecilia so emotional that she decided to bake chocolate cookies, the very first chocolate cookies she ever made! They were so delicious, they were gone within two hours.

Anyway, let’s start to talk about the activities that you, our reader, can enjoy. Our dear Cecilia started her Italian lessons. Here first lesson was a great success. But this was not only success of the week. Angelika taught how to dance the traditional Puchberger Schottischer, the Kreuzpolka and the Knoedeldrahner. Everyone had fun and laughs filled the room. The man of the house, Jonathan, had one more of his English lessons. If you want to improve your English this is your guy. Soon, he will start his Dutch lessons. If you are interested, you can contact him over Facebook. Maëliss once again went to the night shelter and helped to cook and to serve dinner. It was once again an emotional and powerful experience. If you would like to help her also you are more than welcome.


How to survive Valentine’s day?

  1. Stay with your EVs family (be there for each other)
  2. Popcorn and chocolate should be on your grocery-list
  3. Watch a movie with the people that you like
  4. Have a dinner with your friends
  5. If you are single don’t blame yourself (ice cream is there to put a smile on your face).