Here we are, back towards our Romanian reality. How long ago was it, since we published our last Blog? How much did we live, what did we see, to what extend did we discover new things?

During the few days before the start of the holidays, we committed ourselves to our last activities. The last week of 2017 saw activities at various schools. This was nonetheless not a week like the one’s before. For the first time in months, for example, we returned to the Pentecostal School of Baia Mare. Other schools were not visited at all. Altogether, we were provided with a gap of time. This allowed us to catch-up with various administrative duties. We did, of course, all long for Christmas and the free days. Every single person had separate plans, and spent his or her time in a unique way.

Christmas did split our team in two different groups. Three volunteers spent their Christmas in Baia Mareș Maëliss, Jonathan and Angelika wished to experience a true Romanian Christmas and visited the Craciun în Maramureș event, hosted in the local village museum. We walked around the old sheds and barns and got a taste from the various specialities that this region has to offer. Palinka and hot wine were drunk, pork and bread were eaten. One of the houses featured a wide banquet with local people, all tipsy and glad to start a conversation. During this time we learned a lot about the region and the habits of its inhabitants. We might even say, to have made some new friends. Together with these new friends Maëliss and Angelika attended the Carrol-singing of the famous Ștefan Hrușcă. They were lucky enough to be invited for a VIP treatment that placed them near the main stage of  Piața Libertății.

Christmas at Alina’s: a magical experience.

Meanwhile, Juan, Cecilia and Barbara returned to their respective homes, and spent the holidays with their respective families. Juan did indulge in his cherished Catalonia. Barbara’s Christmas was unique; the ever-travelling Barbara was invited to spend her Christmas-days with her family on the Iberian Peninsula. This was unique as it was her first Christmas with family in two years. Cecilia was happy to return to sunny, beautiful Italy. Her main activity in warm Pizarro was eating, meeting with friends and enjoying the sun. Being away from her origins for so long made her yearn for more and more. She enjoyed every minute in Italy and succeeded to ‘charge her Mediterranean batteries’.

Cecilia’s favourite pizza. According to the legend, it was invented by the composer Rossini.

Meanwhile, Maëliss, Angelika and Jonathan proceeded to dig into Romanian culture. The three went to services in Orthodox and Catholic Churches. They joined YMCA-CEO Alina for dinner. Jonathan joined local youngsters in an exploration of the Romanian tradition of Carol-singing. A spree of eating, drinking and singing commenced. It ensured that every single person of the EVS-team had a wonderful Christmas time. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day that followed hereafter were filled with joy and happy occasions. This ensured us with happiness for the travels that followed hereafter, starting from December 27th. In the early morning of this day, we went to Budapest and Vienna with three here we were joined by Barbara, whom returned from her holidays in Spain. She did not want to miss the unique place, where we wished to invite the New Year. Our New Year’s Eve we spent in magical Vienna. The city was crowded but very beautiful. The celebration of New Year’s was unique. The fireworks were bright and we met the new year with the dancing of a true Viennese Waltz.

Be welcome 2018! What miracles will you bring us?

The year 2018 had started, and the four friends in Vienna said goodbye. For the week to follow, everyone had a distinct schedule. Angelika and Jonathan went southwards, and said goodbye in Klagenfurt. The latter would travel homewards, during his journey visiting Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade and Arad. Maëliss flew to France and reconcile with her friends. Our stories do not end here, but grow more diverse and distinct. A few pictures provide an insight in your adventures.

This picture will remain in our memories for the rest of time.

When in Budapest, do what the Budapestians do: enjoy a spa!

Austria, where is actually more snow than in Baia Mare.

One long week later, Sunday the seventh of January, we returned to Baia Mare. All came from different directions: some from Budapest, some from Cluj, and some from Arad. We met each other with great joy. Well-rested and full energy as we are, we head towards a special second half of our Romanian experiences. So much has happened in the last months, how much more can we learn, can we discover? We promise that our next blogposts will give further details about our activities, our workshops and are life in our own Baia Mare.


How to survive the holidays;

– ‘’Eat a lot of fat food.’’ – Gioachino Rossini

– Eat, drink, be happy.

– Visit friends, or make friends to celebrate your holidays with.

– Enjoy good weather while it lasts.

– Learn and sing some good Christmas songs.

– Look around, explore and be ready to be surprised.