Last week was a very productive week. But this productivity did not show itself in the schools, because the schools celebrated a break. Productivity appeared in the preparation and execution of  the individual workshops. In addition Jonathan did at last return from his weeklong trip to Macedonia. A long and exhausting travel preceded his arrival in Baia Mare. He was definitely glad to be able to meet his fellow volunteers and did greet each of them with a big hug.

On Wednesday, Maëliss made herself useful in an entirely unique manner. Her workshop takes place each Wednesday every evening. She worked, and will continue to work, for the organisation Somaschi, which seeks to provide shelter for the homeless people of Baia Mare. She devoted herself to the care of the homeless and street-kids of the city by means of conversation, activities and the provision of food to these people. It was a powerful and an emotional experience to see happiness in the eyes of all the people present.

Dance with virtuosity! Austrian dances require some exercise.

Angelika’s workshop was a great success. Countless nationalities were present during this introduction to Austrian dances. This hour of dancing was full of laughter and love. This workshop will continue to take place every Thursday at 7pm.

Meanwhile, Barbara was, and still is, very busy with the preparations of her own event. Last Tuesday, she started her adventure in Satu Mare, where she met with a person that could inspire her in her preparations of the large event that is going to take place on the 16th of March. This event will revolve around refugees in Baia Mare and will consist of an interesting discussion about the experiences of former refugees. It will take place in the public library of Baia Mare between 5pm to 6.30 pm.

And this is not the last workshop-related story! This very week, Cecilia started her classes about the Italian language. She decided to change the focus of her workshop, and shift the subject from theatre to her mother tongue. With great spirit she taught her students the basics of her language. Who knows, perhaps she makes it possible for Baia Mare to become an Italian-Speaking city. Do you want to be involved?  Every Tuesday at 5pm you have the opportunity to attend her classes, and learn this beautiful language.

Another volunteer took upon him the task of providing lessons of another language. Jonathan hosted his classes in Communicative English. The students that showed up were free to speak and grow their language skills. He taught that one needs to speak before he or she can learn to speak. To master a language in conversation requires exercise, as much as confidence. The workshop is an excellent place where both can be attained.


After a workshop-filled set of days the volunteers were finally allowed some rest. Were they? Saturday started with a full schedule and had an infamously busy morning. We travelled to the Ski-slopes of Cavnic to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. We were joined by the youngsters and children of the local HHC’s we visit weekly. It was a beautiful and special experience to play in the snow with these kids, with all their curiosity and endless energy.

But it was also pretty chilly. After a few hours we were cold and tired and ready to head back to Baia Mare… or so we hoped. We got stuck in our bus because our bus was unable to leave the parking spot. Two long hours we waited in the cold. It was a tough to withstand the cold, but interesting to get to know the children better. This was also the perfect moment to improve our knowledge of the Romanian language.

A new week has started. It is again time to return to our schools and prepare our regular activities. We are thrilled to educate and learn from our experiences in the process. We look into the upcoming weeks with great interest and are assured, that great things will occur. In addition, we know that we will learn important lessons.