More than one month has passed since I came back from my EVS experience in Baia Mare, Romania. I took this time to adapt myself again in my city and in my life. It was an intense month. I saw my friends, my family, travelled, enjoyed Lyon with the sun and looked for a job. I’m also currently waiting for an answer from universities for the new scholar year in September. I feel really good.

After one month I can say that it was a rich experience. I had the chance to meet so many people from all over Europe. But also to go out of my comfort zone, to improve myself in language skills, to travel, to work. Before leaving I was looking for a path for my future and especially in my professional way. It appeared clearly and pretty soon that I wanted to study psychology but also along the way that I’d like to work with disabled people, orphans and street people. I loved working in schools with children and in the orphanage and I loved maybe even more working in the night shelter with street people. I also loved the association world that I had the chance to know before by working in some in Lyon. So, I want to continue to work in associations, to involve myself in projects for others and I feel grateful for this adventure I lived and the persons I met thanks to YMCA Romania.

Furthermore we have been really lucky to have this team and this association. We created real friendships and connections that, I hope, will last. This is a human adventure, on all the aspects of the project, in the good and the bad side. Yes some things were also hard. For me, it was to be far from home. I knew it from the beginning and it was one of my challenge number one. I get over it, it was not easy but I did it and it is also a thing I bring back home : the persistence.

Check out my interview for the Ville de Nevers website . Also i had a radio interview about my EVS experience in Baia Mare, Romania in Youth Power Space project.


Maeliss Vray ( EVS volunteer, France, Youth Power Space project)


Project co-funded by European Union through Erasmus Plus Program.