Some weeks have gone since I last wrote here. It is not always easy to find the space for reflection and it is even harder to write the ideas down. Actually, until this last week, all in my mind was a bit messy and I could not put my thoughts in order; maybe if I had written, I would had had a better idea of what was going on in me. Well, it is never too late and here I am.

It is a moment in which we are organizing a lot of different events and projects apart of what we have been doing as a weekly work: personal workshop and taking part in the other’s, #ThisTimeIAmVoting, still distributing the clothes we gathered, etc. This fact makes focusing way harder than when you just need to follow a routine. The amount of open fronts makes me feel that when I am able to hold one, the others are scaping from my control, what I am not quite capable of handling. That is also a process of learning: I cannot be in first line of everything that is going on and sometimes it is necessary to step back, see with perspective and go back to action.

That is what last week has worked for: I went in midterm to Brasov, where the good weather and the nice views together with some time completely alone have helped me calm down and come back to Baia Mare full of energy. Energy that I firstly used to make my first solo event -not quite solo, I had great help from the locals- work as good as it went. The fact that was entertaining, easy going and that I could see a lot of people supporting me has given me so much motivation and willingness to keep going and organizing new activities for this receptive community.

A day in space has shown me lots of things: panicking is not worth it, just do and find solutions; attitude is the base to make things work and make the others enjoy what you are doing; you need to think of yourself and have a break of all sometimes; believe on what you are doing… but mostly it has clearly shown who is supporting me in this adventure and who is just walking in the same direction but not really crossing paths. I will definetily stick to the first ones and be here to show my gratitude and desire of making something bigger together.