Our EVSer Ildikó Guzrán was in Ommen during 2 months at Old Vechte Foundation. She wrote a testmonial about all the work that she made there and also how this experience was so enriching for her at different levels. As an EVSer in another country , the host organization provides to you some needs for make you feel comfortable during your project like accomodation, transportation and pocket money  but also is your responsibilty take care of that. So, for Évi it was a way of growing up in a safe environment.

She worked 2 months in a farm for horses with a dutch lady that had a huge passion for these animals and with some volunteers, where she had the opportunity to go out from the international “bubble” and had an amazing time in an authentic dutch spirit. Apart of this work, every wednesday the international volunteers participated in events organized by Olde Vechte or in different kind of workshops, for example, theatre or more pratical things for the future like “How to write a curriculum vitae and a motivational letter?”.

Évi has a very good moment during her experience at Old Vechte as a volunteer and she had the chance to meet new people that were living with her in a bungalow surrounded by forest and a lot of nature but close to the city. In 2 months they shared particular things about themselves and their countries, like life stories, customs and traditions but also it was a period of time full of friendship and hapiness.