There are different ways to start writing a blog but I start with the most traditional way…  random sentence like this one!
During the Christma`s holidays I went home and the time that I spent in Portugal made me realize how much I love to be in Romania, to live one of the most unique experiences I could ever have. It has been gratifying every day that I live here, every moment in my work and every time that I share with my friends. I´m growing as a person but also as a volunteer. Realizing what others need from us is a continuous exercise in our mind, it´s an authentic well-being.
Working days have been successful, going to schools debating different topics related to the community but in a relaxed way, interacting through non-formal education.

At the moment we are with a project about collecting goods, such as shoes, clothes and toys with the aim of touching someone’s heart and helping the community closest to us.

The first start of this project has already happened, directly from Portugal to Romania. We can make the difference in someone´s life and make it better with simple acts, like YMCA International Volunteers in association with my mom, Cristina Martins. A huge thank you! I´m grateful for all the effort and dedication. We fight for a better world.