We are already immersed in all the projects we are leading, collaborating with and coming up with. The brainstorming to think about brand-new ideas is really fun and important, I can almost say that that is the easy part. Who would not love a space to be heard and to be able to imagine colorful and huge possibilities? Even the planning is really enjoyable when you do it with others that help you focus on what can be done and which is the real objective of everything you are preparing.

It is also rewarding when you work on an idea and you can see it -make it- grow. It is beautiful seeing how some students want you back to show you their gratitude. And it is definitely enriching learning from them their culture, their dreams: their illusion is always contagious and gives you strength to carry on and keep growing.

Maybe also one of our ideas for the personal project we are about to start also brings us this kind of feeling. Maybe we can all together make something big that can be useful and enjoyable for others. That is the aim and, probably, the only way to make work what we are thinking of. We will do our best, as we always try.

But as all in life, not even trying to make a better community is always a bed of roses. If you take it seriously, you are always challenged on all the ways: your creativity stops working one day, your run out of patience the following one, your confidence flies away, it even comes that day in which you can feel the pressure in your muscles and you even think on quitting. Isn’t it sad when you have high expectations of yourself, of what surrounds you, of whom you have next to you, but they are hardly ever fulfilled? Even though, you keep thinking bigger than you should about everything, about everyone, because you know you are here to enjoy and that is what you are determinate to do.