Irina Georgiana Stroia, is 29 years old and  she´s from Romania. She has a degree in International Environmental and a master level in Energy Law. She decided to change a little bit the way how to live and to see her life so since mid-May 2018 she´s in Norway doing volunteering in an organization called KFUK-KFUM Global. This organization takes part of a global youth movement called YWCA and YMCA – ” I really love working here! “. Her project consists to “raise awareness amongst young people in Norway about the injustices young people in other countries are facing, and to create solidarity between them.

Beside all the office job, Irina is taking part of two political units (politisk utvalget) environmental justice and democratic justice.

Recently, Irina did an interwiew for the National Agency which is in charge of the Erasmus programs in Norway.
Take a look and read how is to be part of a volunteer program and how you can grow as a person and make a difference with small acts: National Agency interwiew .
For her, anything is possible if you believe in yourself and if you have surround yourself the right people.